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Delivery & Guarantee

About Delivery

The goods you ordered will be delivered in strong plastic packaging, in the assembled (filled) form, which will allow you to start using them immediately after receiving.

Delivery Terms

1. Delivery times are as follows:

Porto: next day.

Porto region within 1-2 days. The exact time to be advised during order process.

Portugal: 1-3 days. The exact time to be advised during order process.

Spain and other countries: 4-7 days or more. The exact time to be advised during

order process.

2. The cost of delivery is determined according to the tariff plan as follows: and will be charged to the buyer upon delivery

3. If the product you ordered is our of stock, the order will be manufactured individually and you will receive it within 14 working days from the date of payment.

Consider the choice of any bean bag, frameless sofa or other products, and do not hesitate to ask us any questions.  The right model, size, fabric and colour of your bean bag, will help make it your favourite place to chill!

Returns Policy

1. You can return a product within 7 days from the moment of receipt

2. Returned product must be undamaged.

3. The product must be clean, free of third-party odours, without stains, without contamination.

4. Returns (delivery) are carried out at the expense of the client to the following address:

R. Poeta Sá de

Miranda 52, 4785-220 Trofa

5. You will need a written statement with the specified reason for returning the goods, a document confirming payment for the goods and an identity document (passport, ID, driving licence)

6. Compliance with all the above is mandatory for returns.


If during the warranty period you have any problem with the purchased goods, call us:

- Portugal +351912288018 

- Spain +34682035504

We will do our best to fix the problem ASAP.

The warranty covers the strength of the seams and the quality of sewing, subject to the rules of storage and use of SanchoBag frameless furniture:

1. Frameless furniture is designed for relaxation - sitting and lying.

2. Furniture should be stored and operated in dry rooms at a temperature not lower than -30 ° C and not higher than +50 ° C with a relative humidity of 45 to 70%. Exceptions are chairs and bean bags made of water-repellent fabric, which can be used outdoors.

3. High heat or cold, as well as sudden changes in temperature can seriously damage the furniture product or parts.

4. Furniture products should not be located closer than 1m from a heat source.

5. Direct contact with water is not allowed (except for chairs and bean bags made of water-repellent fabric).

6. Do not place furniture close to damp walls.

7. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat-generating radiation (high power lamps, unshielded microwave radiators, etc.).

8. It is forbidden to place objects with sharp edges on the furniture.

9. It is not allowed to put hot objects on the surface of the furniture without heat-insulating supplies

(irons, dishes with boiling water, etc.).

10. To remove dust, the upholstery fabric must be vacuum cleaned using special furniture


11. To remove local dirt (coffee stains, wine, etc.), it is recommended to use special cleaning agents, depending on the type of fabric of the product.

12. It is allowed to clean the product by washing (without bleach) at a temperature of 30 ° C or by dry cleaning the outer removable cover, depending on the type of fabric.

13. Furniture intended for outdoor use during precipitation (rain, snow, hail) must be protected with an external cover brought under a shed or indoors.

PLEASE NOTE: the warranty does not apply to chairs in fabric not intended for use in all weather conditions 24/7 outdoors (rain, sun, salt water, sea, ocean).